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Do you ever have one of those moments when a date seems significant but you can't remember why? I did just the other day - and then it hit me: it was the anniversary of the day DH and I had met. We count our 'going out' from that date even though we didn't start going out proper until a short time later. But neither of us can exactly pinpoint when we began ... it was just one of those things that had begun before we even realised it ... so we use the anniversary of our meeting instead.

Since it was my lunch break when the realisation hit me, I quickly sent off a text to DH - Happy anniversary sweetheart - all the time wondering if he would remember. He texted back: Very happy - you too!

Later that day we spent some time with Son#2 and his beautiful family and once again I was thankful for the wonderful life that has been my privilege to experience ...

For an encounter with a young man every bit as quiet and shy as myself thirty-one years ago.

For the life we have had together.

For five wonderful, wonderful sons.

For beautiful and gracious daughters who have joined (or are about to join) the family.

For five absolutely adorable granddaughters.

For laughter. And tears.

For this life.

Because I wouldn't have wanted to miss it for the world.


Sharlene said…
How lovely that you remember such an important date. May God bless you with many more anniversaries.

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