Wedding Quilts

Celebrate Hand Quilting  is asking its readers to share a favourite hand quilted piece and being in the mood for showing off, I decided to join in the fun. However, it's hard for me to choose just one favourite. Every quilt that I've hand quilted is a favourite! I just never feel the same way about one that's been machine quilted (by me at least) even though it's finished in a fraction of the time.

Anyway, here are some of my very best favourites. The first one, my regular readers will recognise. It's my "marathon quilt". The one that I spent almost every available moment on so that I could get it finished in time for Son#3's wedding. I called it "Something Blue".

The next is one of the first large-sized quilts I tackled. I wanted to do lots of hand quilting in the light areas - and I did - but it doesn't show up very well. I think I called it "Geese in the Cabin".

This is the quilt I completed for Son#2 and his bride when they were married. It was my first attempt at trapunto and I just love how it turned out (going to have to do that again some day). The bride loved daffodils so of course, I had to incorporate some in to the quilt. I named it "Garden Wedding".

Lastly, this quilt was completed for Son#1 and his wife for their wedding day. As with the other wedding quilts, it was finished only days before the actual wedding. From my records it appears that I never gave this one a name. Any suggestions?


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