I Had A Dream

I dreamt last night that I shut my blog down after doing a post that listed several reasons why I was making this move. The only reason I can remember is the one that stated that Facebook had killed my blog. In a way, this is true, although I don't know if many of my readers are Facebook fans. But given the popularity of Facebook it seems that readers no longer have the time or inclination to read through one blog post after another. It seems far too tedious when Facebook provides short and sweet updates with a few cute photos or funny videos thrown in for good measure.

The thought of shutting this blog down has crossed my mind many times lately. I had told myself that I would wait until DH and I returned from South-East Asia (just in case someone wants to know we made it safely home, or, on the off chance that the journey would have sparked my creative juices once more) and I'll probably go with that original plan at this stage.

I don't have a unique platform on which to base my blog and I feel that its voice has gotten lost in the vast arena of not just blogdom, but the entire websphere. I even have a sneaking suspicion that family have lost contact - which is all okay - but it does beg the question: who am I doing this for? And if the answer is "for me" then that's very scary indeed.


Sharlene said…
I can understand your struggle with the blog. I am not able to post much these days. I have appreciated your blog for your sharing what the Lord has taught you and for the encouragement of your sons. My boys are still young, so I find it an encouragement to "know" someone who has succeeded in raising boys as fine as yours seem to be.
Anonymous said…
I, for one, always enjoy reading your blog. I mean, how else would the family find out important things like your decision to go to South-East Asia?! Or what your grandchildren have been up to when their parents have left them in your charge! But I guess it's your decision, and I'm sure we'll find a different avenue for communication.
DIL #2
Jules said…
Sharlene, thank you. The struggle has been in not knowing if it's a worthy use of my time. I don't mind that comments are few and far between because I know it can be a nuisance trying to post comments and people are busy but not knowing if it ever makes a difference for anyone can be well, a little discouraging. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.

Um, DIL#2 considering we live within walking distance (okay, a longish walk) that's rather a sad indictment on my part - the avenue for communication, I mean. As for the other, well I guess it holds us accountable for those times when we're left in charge (although I've not posted pics of The Most Adorable Granddaughters lately - need to change that).

BTW, I changed your comment because at this stage there's a reason I'm not announcing on my blog exactly where we're going (see, that's another thing you wouldn't have known if you didn't read my blog!).

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