Seriously Good

We haven't yet tried it (okay, I did lick the bowl ... and the spoon ... and the spills on the kitchen counter) but I have a feeling that this ice cream is going to be seriously good.

I'm not generally an ice cream lover. I prefer yoghurt and can easily give ice cream a miss but DH was craving ice cream the other day and, wanting to please him, I asked him to pick up some fresh cream and free-range eggs when he collected our (raw) milk from the dairy yesterday evening.

With all that yummy goodness in the cream and eggs I was reluctant to add refined sugar and so did a search for ice cream recipes using maple syrup. This one fit the bill nicely and it doesn't even need pre-cooking! In fact, if you chill your maple syrup, it doesn't even require chilling the mixture before putting it in your ice cream maker. I can see that this could be a great stand-by recipe for those nights when you feel like ice cream and haven't had a chance to prepare anything ahead of time.

It goes without saying for my Canadian and American readers that it's pure maple syrup you want and not the flavoured syrup. Some recipes talked about Grade B maple syrup as it apparently gives a stronger flavour but we'll use whatever we can get down here. It's not as if maple syrup is overly abundant in this part of the world.

I can't wait to try this. The only problem is ... DH and I have his work function tonight and I can't think of any legitimate reason to eat ice cream before we go out for dinner!


winterwren said…
Hello, Jules--

I have barely been on the computer, but I hope that you do not shut down your blog. That would be sad. And this recipe looks wonderful. A Trader Joes (a kind of grocery store that sells nicer things for less money) opened up nearby my house and they supposedly have the best and cheapest grade B maple syrup, so there we are.

Please take care. I would write more, but I should really be going through paperwork right now. Ah, well.


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