This Time

This time next week DH and I will have begun our journey that will see us visiting places that so far have been just names on a map (and some we - and our travel agent - didn't even know existed and still have not been able to locate on any maps at our disposal).

This time next week Son#4 will be travelling several hours away to attend a wedding. Knowing that he would need our car we took it in today for a service, emphasising that we wanted it to get our son safely to his destination. It comes at a price. The mechanic assured us that had Son#4 taken the car in its present state he may not have made it to the wedding by this time next week without breaking down and incurring inconvenience and perhaps irreparable damage. It was a cost we were not counting on but one that is necessary.

This time last week I could not sleep under a mosquito net without experiencing claustrophobic-induced panic attacks. I'm learning and hopefully by this time next week will not even be aware of its enclosing layers that threaten to strangle me every time DH or I get too close to where it tucks into the bed.

About this time last month I hurt my back - and it still hurts. Considering the travel ahead of us and all the sitting down on buses, planes, boats, and taxis that we're going to be doing, this is not a good thing. I would love it if by this time tomorrow the pain could be completely gone.

This time last year I had no idea that DH and I would celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary in a country that neither of us had been born in. We had smaller dreams: Norfolk Island, Tasmania, Milford Sound - but God has led us otherwise. That we are doing what we're doing and going where we're going is amazing but we serve an amazing God, One who is outside of time.

But for those of us bound by time, this time next week I will be stepping out in faith - one big step at a time. I still can't believe I'm doing this but by this time next week it will really be happening!


Sharlene said…
You will be so thankful that you took this trip. It will be so nice to hear what the Lord shows you. Concerning a mosquito net, I also was sure that they would be suffocating, but I slept under one this summer and loved it. The first night was not very nice; I kept bumping into it. The second night I positioned it better and it was wonderful. No mosquitoes! And a pleasant night's sleep. I will pray that you get accustomed to it quickly.

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