DH and I have returned from our adventure. And for this initially-reluctant traveller it has been a return filled with both anticipation and regret. Anticipation because I missed my beautiful family and desperately longed to see them again; regret for all the beautiful, courageous people I left behind. Especially the children. Much to my surprise, I'm keen to get on another plane (did I really write that?) and go back. As DH and I settle back into New Zealand life we are unable to forget the people we lived amongst for seventeen incredible days. Over the next few days (weeks?) I hope to make sense of this incredible experience, and perhaps discover how God wants me to use this experience, by writing about it on this blog.
But first to the beginning.
Thirty years ago DH and I began an adventure: an adventure called marriage. It has netted us five wonderful sons of whom we are extremely proud, three beautiful daughters-in-law whom we love dearly, and five Most Adorable Granddaughters. So it seems fitting that the day we also began another adventure - the day when we boarded the plane that would take us to foreign soil - was also the day that marked our thirtieth wedding anniversary. This was when the real adventure began – when we left the familiar and when I somehow found the courage to set foot on a plane.

For someone who doesn't do  planes, boats, snakes, strange beds, I've had my share of these over the last three and a half weeks. Two things I learnt: our God is a faithful God who when He promises to always be with us IS always with us, and I'm blessed to have a husband who loves me and was supportive all the way. I'm so glad that I got to share this experience with him.
We have returned with 1000 photos which I will not inflict on my readers (or even on my family) but I will share some of our favourite photos as long as they don't violate anyone's privacy. I would dearly love to share with you the beautiful faces of the gorgeous children I met,  but you'll just have to take my word for it. Meanwhile, here are a few of our favourite photos of our adventure that began in Singapore.



And the passage that I proved over and over again while in South East Asia:
Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with my righteous Hand.
Isaiah 41:10


Sharlene said…
I am glad to hear that you have returned safely and that the Lord blessed you during this trip. I look forward to hearing what the Lord has shown you.
Ohtawen said…
I too am happy that you and your husband returned home safely, enriched by the experience. As a fellow introvert who is wary of strange beds, I totally understand the feelings you had prior to the journey. However, a positive experience makes it all the better and more rewarding.

The photos are amazing, as always :)
Jules said…
Thank you both. I'm also glad to be home safely but I'm struggling to reacquaint myself with life in New Zealand. I've seen too many needs to remain complacent and have experienced God's presence in a way I'd not before. From expecting a fear-filled time away to discovering that God could take away that fear and so completely fill me with peace was just one awesome aspect of the journey. I'm keen to write more about our experience ... when I know how and where to start.

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