DH was right: Roses are too much work. Having been denied my usual catch-up-on-gardening time (because we were either busy getting ready to go away or away) I'm trying to get some done now. It doesn't matter that today was probably the hottest day we've had so far this summer; I was determined to get in and get the garden cleaned up.

I managed to do only this section and another area not quite as big as this. I pulled out three roses that were not doing well (okay, I know these ones don't look particularly healthy either but I'm hoping that with a little bit of care and a whole lot of water - something our 'house-sitter' failed to take into consideration while we were away - that they'll pick up - if not, they might suffer the same fate as their neighbours) and several lavenders that had become woody, and I don't know how many forget-me-nots which have made it their mission to take over my garden.

Now I'm wondering when I'm going to get the rest of the garden cleaned up and if it's possible to restore my hands and nails to their pre-gardening state. Since I did not have to cook one single meal the entire time we were away nor do any dishes (I just had to teach preschool and school in the same day) all my nails have had a chance to grow to lengths unimagined since my first child was born.

I was even entertaining the idea of painting my nails (with one of the new non-toxic polishes that are on the market) but I'm going to have to hurry before they all break off from gardening unless I’m prepared to sport really short painted nails (now I understand why women my age go in for artificial nails). In case you're thinking that I should wear gloves, you're entirely right. I just have never found a pair that fit and are comfortable and give me the same dexterity as no gloves (probably because I won't spend more than a few dollars).

So, anyway, I'm going to have to confess to DH that he was right (once again). And perhaps next time when he offers advice on gardening, I’ll listen. (Maybe not since I don’t have a good track record in that department.)

Another confession: I've eaten too much of my MIL's birthday cake. But since my birthday last month was only 19 hours long and spent in planes and airports and I didn't get a cake, I think I'm allowed to, don't you?

And despite the photo of my second book being on both my blog and my website for the past twelve months, I've only just realised that I used the photo of the book cover before they added my name. Is that stupid or what? What's even worse is that no one in the family has even noticed because if they had I'm sure someone would have called attention to my mistake by now - and never let me live it down. (By the way, I haven't changed it yet because my technical assistant doesn't get home until the end of next week.)

Finally, I didn't get to post these photos of our rained-out camping trip with Son#1 and his family over Waitangi day/weekend because, well, because I've been too lazy/busy/preoccupied/something, but I thought they were rather cute so I'm posting them now. And yes, it is meant to be summer (Son#1's outfit in the first photo might confuse some people).


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