I've never won anything in my life that I can recall (oh, apart from a book on a blog competition that never arrived - I'm sure it was legit so I guess we must blame the postal service) so it was with much surprise that I received the news from Son#5 that there'd been a phone call to say that I'd won a prize at our local wool shop.

I was a little wary. After all, I can't recall the last time I bought wool there. If you remember, I was going through my love affair with Malabrigo yarns last year and they were all purchased online. I may have made a small purchase at my local shop last year, otherwise I know I did in August/September the previous year when The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#5 was born prematurely and I was loving on her by knitting some of the tiniest garments imaginable (which I'm glad to say she quickly outgrew).

So, wondering if someone was playing a joke on me, I went into the wool shop and hesitatingly inquired if it was true. It was! For a few seconds I had visions of being able to choose a glorious skein or two of sock yarn but it was not to be. The prize was for 10 skeins of Naturally Lace yarn.

It's 2ply!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm proud to say that I kept smiling and thanked the store owner graciously but all the time I was thinking, "It's 2ply!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, it's 2ply!!!!!!!!!!!"

I've never knitted anything with 2ply before in my life. But then I figured I'd used 3ply last year which had been a first so what was stopping me from delving into the world of 2ply?

Time, that's what.

Something as fine and delicate as 2ply yarn knit on equally fine needles (which make my hands ache) is going to take a loooooong time to knit regardless of how many long car trips we take.

But then I looked more closely at the pattern that came with the wool (yes, also part of the prize which I estimate must have been worth $100). It's a short sleeved lacy top and takes only 3 skeins of the yarn since it's knitted on larger needles. Only three?  But I'd won ten!

I did a search online and came across this beautiful lacy cardigan pattern. It's also knitted on larger needles and I have enough yarn to knit it AND the pattern that came with the yarn. I might even have enough left over for a scarf/shawl.

I opened the package today and the yarn is soooooooo soft. I'm not sure how warm it will be (it's a merino and angora blend) but I have a feeling it will be a delight to wear. Outside the packaging, the colour improved too. Not that I minded the colour - it's just not one I would have chosen.

Now when our weather cools down enough to knit with wool I'll be breaking out the knitting needles. Again.


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