Surplus to requirements. Usually it doesn't have a nice ring to it but when it's referring to equipment that needs to be collected in person from a lab up north and in doing so provides an excuse for catching up with Son#3 and DIL#3 then it sounds quite sweet. Okay, we did have to tow a trailer the entire distance and it did sport a bright yellow cover (my least favourite colour) but it was good to be able to spend some time with our son and his wife over the weekend. Due to the fact that said equipment needed to be picked up this weekend, we weren't able to work out a better time to visit when Son#3 and DIL#3 didn't have a wedding to attend but that just gave us some time for sightseeing when they were otherwise engaged.

The down side of such a weekend is that you usually come away more exhausted than when you began, and that certainly was true this time. However, a rude awakening early this morning suggested that I may have also succumbed to the tummy bug going around work which might explain why I was so tired and even a little grumpy all weekend. Since The Most Adorable Granddaughter#5 already had the bug by the time we arrived home, there's probably not much point in hoping it doesn't go around the whole family.

By the way, I love the fact that this tree, like the weather, can't make up its mind whether it's summer or autumn. Most interesting of all (for me, perhaps my Northern counterparts can offer some explanation) the green side of the tree is the side closest to the mountain! Ah well, at least I can try and look on the bright side (no pun intended). Autumn means fires, and time to read and knit, and comfort food. 


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