Day 11 Project Gratitude: A Clean Veranda

I love my sons. Dearly.

I love my sons' spouses and offspring. Also dearly.

And I love my sons' dogs.

Some of the time.

Being a dog owner, one would think that I am familiar with puppies and the destruction they can cause. After all, we have had our share of puppies digging up gardens and chewing hose fittings and anything else left lying around (and woe betide the family member who left the back door open when we had a puppy that helped itself to used disposable nappies and shredded them all over the backyard).

Not so. It's been years since Kielsie was a puppy and I had forgotten. That was all about to change.

This past weekend I received a crash course in puppydom. I will not elaborate on his sins but let's just say they were many. Still, it's made me appreciate some of the things that I usually take for granted.

Like a mature dog and a clean veranda (now that I've washed it down from top to bottom and removed the shredded rope, mat, hose fittings, and bamboo stakes that were in my garden pre-puppy's arrival).

I even got to sit outside and reflect on just how grateful I am to have a nice clean veranda on which to sit and enjoy the sun and the company of a dog that requires me just to be there.


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