Day 15 Project Gratitude: Connections II

DH and I have had so much fun going back through his family tree after the family reunion this past weekend. Names and stories and relationships all fit together now rather than being disjointed stories with no connection to the unfamiliar names on the family tree.

Now we know that a great-grandfather was known as "The Prophet" due to his love of The Word and his zeal in preaching on the second coming. DH's great grandfather died eleven years before he was born so he never knew him (unlike me who met at least one great-grandparent and our children who knew three of their great-grandparents) and had no idea that such a Christian heritage existed beyond his own godly parents.

For me, having been brought into the family through marriage my connection is through my husband and children. The family members that go before are no blood relatives of mine, while those that come after, are. An interesting concept. And yet ... a distant relative of DH's (great-great-great-great grandmother) shares my maiden name. She was born in Cornwall which is where my family name originated. I know my family came from England ... is there a connection?

I have a sneaking suspicion I'm going to be doing some research - if only to find out whether or not I married a very distant relative.

These have not been the only connections this weekend which have made me grateful for family, friends, and everything that holds us together.

Last night and today we were able to reconnect with old friends, the children of friends who are now grown and starting their own families, and this was so good and right. It's when those connections break down that much heartache ensues.

Finally, it was a joy once again to congratulate our friends who celebrate forty years of marriage. What an incredible inspiration they are to so many. Their life has not always been easy but they have stayed connected throughout the years. And for this, and all the other connections that hold us together, I am grateful.


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