Day 7 Project Gratitude: Friends

Today, having realised that once again I was late with birthday wishes for a very special lady, I think a post acknowledging how grateful I am for friends is appropriate. This particular friend is so humble, so unassuming, so not wanting the spotlight to ever be on her, that I don't even know when her birthday is except that it's in April and before today.

This incredible woman of God is so loving, so thoughtful, so accepting of others, so godly, so patient in suffering, that she regularly (without intending to) puts me to shame. I am too quick to whine/judge/etc but not so this dear lady and I am certainly grateful that God made her.

Would it surprise you to know that I've never met her? I've spoken to her on the phone but have never spoken to her face to face. She is just one of a small group of  friends that I have the privilege of knowing but whom I have never met.

Then there are the friends in real life. Just a fortnight ago I had the pleasure of speaking to a friend whom I have not seen in over eighteen years. Yet, it was as if we just picked up from where we had left off. A friendship that spans years and distance.

Friends: just a handful of people (I am an introvert after all) but I am grateful for every single one of them.


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