Day 9 Project Gratitude: Hot water, A Cuppa, and a Cozy Blanket

I am grateful for all of the above. After a walk in the bush (you would think after last time I would have learnt my lesson but it seems I have periodic episodes of memory loss) where after the first hour my left knee decided to rebel and didn't stop until we reached the car three and a half hours later, arriving home to hot water with which to attack the mud and the aches and pains, a cuppa to soothe the soul, and a blanket to snuggle under, were all everyday things for which I was extremely grateful.

After the first few minutes, it was difficult to see the fun during the four and a half hour tramp (okay, lunch wasn't bad but I would hardly describe it as fun). It wasn't the fault of the bush. Or the rain. Or the company. Or the destination. No, it was the fault of that silly ol' knee - that same knee I was grateful for a few days ago for allowing me to walk! Hmmmm.


SchnauzerMom said…
Beautiful country. I don't think I could survive a 41/2 hour walk.

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