Day 1 of Project Gratitude: Family

As usual, I'm late to the party ... or, in other words, I'm late picking up on the latest trend whether in fashion (ha, when have I ever been on trend there), food/diet/exercise, craft, or, as in this instance, blog topics.

Inspired by the posts of a beautiful young girl whom I have had the incredible privilege of knowing since she was knee high to a grasshopper and seeing the beautiful woman of God she has become and is becoming, I've decided to follow in her steps and do my own project: gratitude. I probably won't follow the rules of the game exactly (my blog will be my platform) but I hope to share each and every day for the next one hundred days something that I'm grateful for. (Wow, that's going to really keep me on my toes!) I can't promise to share photos every day (not having a cellphone that takes photos - yes, I'm still living in the dark ages) but I will do my best, and hopefully be able to make this just a wee bit interesting.

For her blog please go here (and please take some time to read through posts that can all be accessed via the archives). For more info on the project, go here and here.

So, today, my first day of the project, what am I grateful for? (I dare say it's a no-brainer for anyone who knows me.)

I am grateful for family. For my husband, our sons, their wives, our grandchildren. For time to be with family. For those moments when being with family is better than anything else. For love, cuddles, kisses, sweet moments, and memories. For loving and being loved. For acceptance, sharing accomplishments, sharing burdens and concerns, good times and bad. Yes, even for the times when we may not agree or feel taken for granted. I'm grateful for all that family is. And I'm grateful to God for His awesome incredible plan of family.

God places the lonely in families ... Psalm 68:6


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