Day 21: Great-ful

Text message from Son#3: We're safely in Auckland. Only just though. That's the first time I've ever had to call 111 ... it's quite an experience.

Further questioning revealed the following: they were travelling on the motorway and came close to having a head on collision with a car going the wrong way!!!They were thankful they hadn't overtaken a slower vehicle because that would have left them no where to go.

They seemed shaken by it which I can understand. I was shaking after reading their messages. DH and I took a few minutes to thank God for His protection and to ask for His continued protection as Son#3 flies out to Australia earlier tomorrow morning for work and DIL#3 has to drive home alone (on that same motorway).

As you can imagine, I am extremely - extremely - grateful (and humbled) for God's protection on Son#3 and DIL#3.


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