Day 32: Second Chances

I know, I know, I said I was going underground but by the second day I realised a very important truth: accountability. It’s easier to be disciplined about being grateful each day when you have to write about it. It wasn’t until I climbed sleepily into bed last night that I realised I’d forgotten to take the time to be grateful.

Two days is all it took! I’m ashamed to admit it, but it’s true.
I could delete my ‘farewell to grateful’ post but then it would make me look better than I am. Besides, the lovely Sharlene commented (one of the very few comments I’ve had since I started this project which may have also influenced me to consider abandoning it on here) and her words challenged me to keep on with it.

So I'm back to where I left off and today I am grateful for second chances and the opportunity to be grateful every single day.


winterwren said…

I have actually been following these almost everyday--every day that I have been on the computer, in fact.

Just so you know! I am sure there are other silent followers, too.

If you decide to quit again, no one could fault you--it is a huge undertaking to write on subject day in and day out. No one would expect you to continue to do something if it just became forced or an obligation. But I personally enjoy reading these.


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