Day 34: Eighteen Years

I am grateful that our refrigerator lasted eighteen years less two days, which in this age of disposable appliances is probably a decent innings. I'm also grateful that while we wait to make the decision about a new one, we have an old one (in the garage) that we can use in the meantime. I'm grateful, too, that it most likely won't break the bank to replace said refrigerator.

Okay, I'm not particularly thrilled about the fact that it decided to give up the ghost yesterday afternoon, but I am grateful that we discovered the problem in time and that no food went to waste. I have a feeling that we're going to go through a lot less food this week as no one can be bothered to walk out to the garage in the cold to get something when they're feeling peckish. We've even cut back on our hot drinks because it's too much hassle to go all the way out there to get milk.

And, I'll admit it: if I was going to buy something new for the house I'd rather a new sofa or perhaps some bookcases (because my bookcases are so crammed full of books that it's virtually impossible to find/remove the one you want and my sofas are coming apart and are even older than the refrigerator) or something exciting, but at least we are in a position to replace it and, even better, it looks as if we will be able to get one with the exact same dimensions which means that we will not have to remodel our kitchen (and yes, that is a good thing because the kitchen is only a few years old). 

So, I am grateful, and I'm going to work on my attitude re why did it have to happen NOW and work harder at having a spirit of gratitude (I knew the rubber was going to hit the road sooner or later).


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