Day 36: Multiple

I'm grateful that today is over and I survived the speaking-in-public part. Eek! But it's done and I didn't do too badly  and for that I am definitely grateful.

I'm grateful, too, that DH has forgiven me for being such a grump when I was so stressed about above mentioned speech.

I'm grateful for my new refrigerator (purchased yesterday which was exactly eighteen years to the day since we purchased our last one) and for DH taking the time to make sure it was level (since the person we paid to deliver it, install it, and take the old one away left it obviously lopsided - I say 'obviously' because I noticed it and I usually don't - to DH's utter astonishment and disbelief).

And I'm grateful that Son#4's official photos have arrived already and are stunning (apart from the ones that I feature in). For someone who was dragging his feet about photos and would have found a way to avoid them if he could, he certainly came out looking handsome, relaxed, and soooooooo intelligent.


Sharlene said…
The pictures are lovely - that is if guy pictures can be lovely. :) The picture of your son and his grandmother is priceless. The one of you and your husband is lovely. What great blessings God has given to you.

Thank you for your kind words a few days ago. Christian encouragement is a blessing.

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