Day 42: Cowl

When the temperature struggles to get into double digits, I am so grateful for my snugly cowls, scarves and knitted neck warmers. It was only recently that I realised just what a difference they make to my overall comfort and core temperature, despite what DH had been telling me for years. (There wasn't much use for scarves where I grew up in Australia. I mean, today their winter temperatures were our summer highs! Seriously.)

Today I was especially grateful for my latest knitting project: my lace sampler cowl. Winter has suddenly hit and when you're outside and there's a wind that feels as if it's coming straight off the mountains, nothing beats this cowl. Made from merino, silk and possum (supposedly 55% warmer than merino) it is warm and cosy and being a cowl, it stays in place (great when working with children or when working, period). Plus, I made it extra long so I can wrap it not once, not twice, but three times around my neck! How's that for warm comfort on a cold day?

The cowl came about because I was bored with the lace pattern I was knitting and decided to switch it up by doing a variety of lace patterns. The bonus with such a project was that I got to try out quite a few new patterns and learn some new techniques along the way. And now I have a lace cowl that I love and for which I was extremely grateful today.


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