No, I haven't forgotten to be grateful but after sharing on my blog for a month, I've decided to go underground. That is, I will continue to be grateful and to record each blessing in my prayer diary, but I will only share the significant ones on my blog.

There are several reasons for this, and certainly the challenge to blog every day is one of those reasons, but there were other challenges too. One was deciding what I was going to write about when there were so many things each and every day for which to be grateful. Another was writing in a different vein to the majority of the posts shared on this blog (a good challenge for a writer but it was beginning to become a burden for this writer). And my blog was starting to no longer feel like my blog.

So change is afoot. I just hope it's change for the better.


Sharlene said…
I have appreciated your grateful blogs, because they reminded me to be grateful. It is easy to fall in a rut of being ungrateful. I understand your not wanting to post daily, but I am glad that you did share.

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