Day 54: Solitude

I am grateful for, and enjoy, my times of solitude.

I love my family but sometimes I need to be alone with my own thoughts and reflections. I don't do well always being surrounded by noise (unless it's my kind of music) or people (yeah, I'm an introvert). I need quietness to recharge my batteries and help me to keep going.

Perhaps the reason I thought of this tonight was because it's been a busy week and it's about to get even busier. I'm trying not to stress at the thought of what the next few days will bring.

I'm wondering how I will fit everything in and know that some things like attending The Most Adorable Granddaughter#2's birthday party is a priority - as is buying her a present - but that cleaning my house probably isn't, given all the other things I must do (even if it stresses me when it doesn't get done).

With the pressure I'm feeling at the moment, I know I'm going to need some times of solitude over the next few days - even if it's only a quarter hour here and there - if I'm to get through.