Day 55: Concert

I'm grateful I went to the concert tonight, even if it was only the junior orchestra. They played well, the flute solo was wonderful and I am amazed that it was written by the twenty-year-old conductor.

I'm grateful, too, that Son#4 sacrificed his time and came with me. I'm not sure what he thought but he didn't yawn, fidget or complain so perhaps he even enjoyed it (I was too scared to ask too many questions). I'm grateful for this sacrifice and also the one that meant I came home to a clean house earlier today. After the busy week I've had, it was very much appreciated.

And I'm grateful that DH went and picked up Son#5 this evening and I now have my two handsome and single sons at home for the weekend. Not that he came home to see me (I'm not so vain as to think that especially when the other day The Most Adorable Granddaughter#4 let me know with just a look how low I rate on the scale of wonderful incredible people to spend time with). No, the reason he came home is because we have a special birthday celebration this weekend ... but more about that later.