Day 57: Secret

In one of my favourite novels, Emma by Jane Austen, Emma greets Mr Knightly after his return from London with these words:

"You have some news to hear, now you are come back, that will rather surprise you."

"Have I?" said he quietly, and looking at her; "of what nature?"

"Oh! the best nature in the world ..."

That news was a wedding. I don't have a wedding to report, and in fact my news must remain secret until I know I have permission to share it (having already been in trouble for sharing the fact that Son#4 had a job before he had accepted the job - oops) but let me say that I am extremely grateful, incredibly excited, tremendously thrilled with the news. In fact, I am over the moon.

(Apologies to those readers who haven't yet been let in on the secret. I know it's a mean trick ... but I am just so excited! And grateful, too, of course.)