Day 71: Trying

I'm trying very hard to be grateful ... after all the sun did manage to shine even if a mysterious white substance was on the ground from some time last night until after lunch time today. And the children did enjoy it ... it was pretty ... and fascinating ... but it was also so cold ... and I don't do cold.

And Sons#4 and #5 didn't see the point of lighting the fire before I arrived home which meant the house was colder than Antarctica when I walked in. I have a sneaking suspicion that I hadn't properly shut the freezer door this morning before going to work (not the deep chest freezer but the little one in the bottom of the 'fridge that contains things like sourdough bread which I'll never be able to eat by myself, yoghurt and cheese cultures, egg whites that I've forgotten about and will probably quickly forget about again, and a few containers of breadcrumbs) and everything was still frozen eight hours later.

Despite the cold, I can be grateful for my electric blanket and that DH doesn't begrudge me the fact that only 'my' side works!


SchnauzerMom said…
Cold where you are, hot where I am.

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