Day 76: For Asking

Feeling nostalgia last night, I asked DH if he remembered when we first met. Not the 'official' first time (which happened to be at Kiwi Ranch - perhaps a sign of what was to come years later down the track?) when we introduced ourselves and talked until interrupted by others, but the 'real' first time. If he did, his memory is different to mine, and that's okay.

I then asked him if he'd like to go back to that first time ... and other firsts in our relationship. First date. First time we knew we were in love. First phone call (did we really talk that long?). First time we knew we were loved. First time we held hands. First time we felt cherished. First kiss.

His reply? No. Apparently he's afraid that given what I know now, I wouldn't say yes again! I reminded him that I said yes the first time and would do so again. Afterwards I wondered if I should have been the one afraid: perhaps knowing what he knows now - i.e. how difficult I am to live with - he wouldn't ask me again (by the way, it's a bit of a joke that he didn't ask me until after we were engaged - he just assumed that we'd get married and we did).

But I m grateful that he did ask (or assumed) and that I said yes. Because I'm so glad that I didn't miss out on this life.





SchnauzerMom said…
Beautiful family!

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