Day 86: Laughter

I'm grateful for the gift of laughter. The Bible says that a joyful heart is good medicine (Proverbs 17:22) and modern medicine is not ignorant of its benefits.

It can bring people together, smooth over tensions, dispel gloom, put things into perspective, make a bad situation better ... etc, etc.

Take tonight for instance.

The last few evenings I have been knitting for my DH, despite increasing pain in one hand. I wanted to get it done for him, but when I cast off that final stitch, sewed in all the ends, and gave it to him to try on, it didn't fit. Son #4 arrived home soon after and I gave it to him to try on. It didn't fit him either but, according to him, it looked good.

Right. We'll frame it and hang it on the wall if it looks so good.

If you come into my home and see a solitary sock framed and hanging on the wall, you are allowed to laugh but please keep all other thoughts to yourself. Because the sting of it not fitting (I still can't work out why) has been removed by the [mental] image of it hanging on the wall.

Without laughter I would have to resort to chocolate far too often than is good for me.


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