Day 91: Stable

I know I got it wrong so many times. I know I was not the perfect mother (even though I desired to be from that first precious moment when our firstborn was laid in my arms) and I was far from being the perfect wife, but I am grateful that DH and I were able to offer our children a stable and [mostly (talking about my failings here)] loving upbringing.

I'm grateful that when our sons come home from university or come to visit that they don't have to divide their time between Mum's and Dad's homes. I'm grateful that they don't have to worry about upsetting one or both parents on special occasions such as Christmas. I'm grateful that the only drama at their weddings is about what to wear or serve the guests and not how to keep the parents from killing each other. I'm grateful that we can all be present at the same time when a new life is celebrated and that there are no truly hurt feelings over who gets to hold the baby first or for the longest. 

I'm grateful that I married a man who has kept his vows ... and who didn't give up on me or our children.

And tonight I weep for the precious children who do not have a stable family. For the wee girl whose parents I learnt today had split up ... for the darling boy whose family has been ripped apart. I'm seeing it all too frequently in my work ... and I hope it doesn't sound callous or conceited when I say I'm grateful that we as a family didn't experience this. I pray that it will always be so ... and especially now when I look with love on the next generation.


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