I'm basically a one-project person. Depending on my mood and the time of year (I rarely hand quilt in summer although it has been known to have been done), I might have quilt pieces to sew together, a quilt waiting for hand quilting, a knit-in-the-car project, a longer term one on needles, and a cross-stitch hidden away because my eyes just can't see to do it except in daylight between noon and two. But I rarely have several similar projects on the go at once.

So what changed? Why have I not one, but two pairs of socks on the go using same weight yarn and needles, and a shawl also cast on? And why have I worked on each of these projects in the one day? In the past, I would have finished one project before starting another. Why the change now?


I have no idea. It could be that I've fallen in love with the most delicious yarn from Spinning a Yarn but it would have made sense in my infatuation to drop everything else and concentrate on that one project. Why am I two-timing - make that three-timing - this gorgeous yarn?

Perhaps I've spent too much time around knitting blogs (I confess, not a lot of time really) and have been negatively influenced by those who have projects all over the place and are still casting on whenever they can find a spare set of needles or a nook to hide the project. I hate having a lot of unfinished projects hanging around, nor am I into stash building - whether fabric or yarn - I even dislike having leftover fabric or yarn from a project and am always looking for ways to use it up - so something must have changed for me to succumb.

Last year it was Malabrigo yarn that stole my heart. This year it's been Spinning a Yarn. This yarn is so deliciously soft that I immediately decided that it was not going to be made into socks that would be hidden inside my boots (which, ridiculous as it now seems, was my intent when I purchased the yarn). No, instead I would unravel the shawl I was knitting and use that yarn for socks and Spinning a Yarn for the shawl. There's just something about a yarn that is 50% merino and 50% silk that begs to be shown off and where better than around the upper torso where it's softness will be most appreciated?

That doesn't explain the two pairs of socks, though. Except that I found a pattern I absolutely loved at the same time I found a cable pattern which was similar to one I'd seen years ago on a pair of socks that I also loved and which didn't come with a pattern. I've never forgotten that cable pattern, so when I found this one, I just had to cast on. But I was also eager to cast on the other one. Patience is obviously a virtue I am sadly lacking in.

It will be interesting to see which project gets finished first ... if any. (It won't be the shawl because it is so deliciously soft and squishy to knit that I want to prolong the experience for as long as possible.)  And if I manage to somehow finish them all, well then there's the gorgeous yarn from TriaFataFibreArts that I bought for a cardigan for myself but have shelved for next year (I'm still trying to decide on the perfect pattern).

The shawl that is to be unravelled and the yarn that is to blame.

The yarn that is to be shelved until next year. I suspect the wait will be worth it.
A lot of red for a 'blue' girl.


SchnauzerMom said…
I knitted a pair of socks one time over 30 years ago. Never made another. Mostly because they were too thick to wear in my shoes and a lot more work than I wanted to do. Your knitting always comes out so beautiful I usually ended up ripping mine out. One of the reasons why I don't do it anymore.
Jules said…
SchnauzerMom, I think if I had begun sock knitting with DPNs and in the round I would have quit. As it was, I found a fantastic pattern that allowed me to knit them flat, and I was hooked. It was so quick and easy and, unlike some of my larger projects, I didn't have to worry about whether they flattered my body shape or not. From there, it was an easy step to toe up socks but I can understand they're not for everyone.

Please know that I have my share of knitting failures. I just don't share them on my blog!

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