Day 100: All

Rightly or wrongly, I've been waiting for something special to finish up 100 Days of Gratitude. What then could be more perfect than being thankful for all the family being together? Something that has not happened since ... well I'm not sure when it last occurred.

This particular occasion was to celebrate the second birthday of The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#5. Yes, our precious wee girl, is turning two this coming week. Who could forget that weekend two years ago when we had a combined engagement/twenty-first birthday party and a small bundle of joy (less than four pounds!) decided it was time to meet the rest of the family?

She is still a bundle of joy and we had a wonderful time celebrating yesterday.




I'm also grateful that DH got to go "spotlighting" with all five of our sons last night (while DIL#3 and I watched movies and waited up). I cannot remember the last time all six got together for some "male bonding". However, apart from muddy clothes, they brought nothing else home.

I'm grateful, too, that tomorrow I will probably have to clean my floors again, since most of the family (apart from DIL#2 and her two beautiful girls) were here for lunch. I love these times together and realise how precious they are as the family grow up and move away.

Finally, I will be ever so grateful when I hear that Son#3 and DIL#3 have arrived home safely later this evening.


winterwren said…
That last picture of your son reading "Guess How Much I Love You" is just awesome. He looks ever so serious.

Thank you for writing all of your grateful posts, Jules.

Take care!

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