Day 97: Holes

I'm grateful for the worn spots in our carpet ... not because they are there ... but because they don't matter.

It's so easy to get caught up in the lie that we need more or we are less than ... rather than appreciating all that we have.

I have a worn-almost-to-a-hole spot in our carpet and countless stains ... but today my granddaughters spread their games and puzzles out on that carpet and enjoyed time together.

My sofa is lumpy and old and fraying at the seams ... but today DIL#2 (and later, Son#4) caught some moments of much-needed sleep on that sofa.

Our spare bedrooms lack beauty but tonight they are providing a place to stay for DIL#1 and her girls, unable to get home due to trees blocking the road leading to their property. On other occasions, guests stay in these rooms - guests whose company we enjoy and who, hopefully, can see past the 'defects' in the decorating.

I have walls devoid of paint and wallpaper ... but on those walls hang quilts and photos of family ... and give structure and stability to our home.

I do not have a perfect figure but that didn't stop a Granddaughter throwing her arms around me today and giving me a big cuddle.

I have grey hairs ... but my granddaughters enjoy borrowing all my hair toys ... and I'm grateful that I have hair.

My eyes aren't what they used to be ... but, with glasses, I was able to read bedtime stories to my granddaughters today.

I bemoan my lack of fashion sense ... but I have clothes to keep me warm ... and enough that I can't wear them all at once (or even in a week).

I have more than what many in this world can only dream about ... clean water on demand, hot water any time of the day or night,  a wardrobe full of clothes, fully operating bathrooms (finally!), a living room that is larger than many people's homes, a room too big for us to know what to do with so it fills up with the possessions of sons who have left home, lighting at the flick of a switch, an electric blanket (yep, I'm grateful for that tonight!), appliances that some women can only dream about, a kitchen that I love (and which sometimes, miraculously, produces meals that nourish my family and friends), and many, many more things that we take for granted and yet feel dissatisfied with when they are not up with the latest trend.

Perhaps one day worn patches in carpet will be the latest trend, but until then I'll appreciate what I have and not mind if it's a few years yet before it can be replaced.


Sharlene said…
This is lovely. We get too caught up in what we don't have so we are not grateful for what we do have. So I will be grateful for a sofa that is in great need to repair. My children love it and use it all the time. Thank you for the reminder to look at what I do have.

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