Day 98: Lazy

I am grateful for a lazy Saturday morning. ... Time to sit in the sun, dream of drinking tea (we were out of milk!), listening to my DH and one of his BILs chat, enjoying the sights and sounds of a mild winter's morn (especially after the nasty weather of the past week), and watching my needles fly through my latest knitting project.

I say 'my' even though this project isn't destined to grace my body. The wonderful squooshy yarn from Spinning a Yarn has proved to be the delight I anticipated when I gave in to temptation and purchased it. Half merino and half silk it was an indulgence but not one that I regret. I just hope the recipient enjoys it as much as I have in knitting it.

A sneak preview:

This is the wonderful Holden Shawlette that I was able to download when it was still free. I love the pattern so much that I might just knit it for myself when this one is done. (I'm only half way through the lace edging in this pic and it doesn't show clearly, but I can assure you that it's going to be wonderful.)

But please don't think I've been completely lazy today. Perhaps because I had those precious moments this morning, I was able to be productive this afternoon. I did the washing and even managed to get most of it away (what is remaining is still damp), remembered to feed my sourdough starter, cleaned my oven (DH noticed that it was looking less than clean ... I wonder if that could have anything to do with having cooked enough food for three households the other evening with my only helpers aged three and almost two years of age? If he was shocked by its state today perhaps it's just as well he didn't see my kitchen when the benches were covered with dishes and there was more crumble on the floor than on the fruit!), did most of the ironing (and going on all the warm weather items that were in the pile, it's obvious I haven't done this for many months), sorted out my wardrobe, went shopping, started making two litres of yoghurt in the slow cooker (hope it works as I've never done it this way before but I'm tired of having to make a new - small - batch every few days!), and spoke to Son#3 who, along with his lovely wife, is beginning a week's holiday at the snow (and has invited us to join them for a day or so - accommodation on a farm with mountain views ... why do I even need to think about this?)

It will be with a sense of accomplishment, that I sit down this evening, and pull my knitting out again. I think I've deserved it, don't you?


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