Day 99: Today

I am grateful for today and the privilege of sharing it with my husband, three of our wonderful sons, and one beautiful daughter-in-law, and to be able to do so while surrounded by God's magnificent creation.

Today I woke to the heart-breaking news that a friend's husband had passed away. Theirs was a marriage that appeared to have been made in heaven. Despite the seriousness of her husband's illness, I doubt that anyone expected this outcome so soon. A few days ago they were so hopeful that if he responded to treatment, he could go home.

But now she and her daughter must somehow learn how to go on without him. To live each today without their loving husband and father. To endure the nights without her best friend and lover. I know they will both have many memories of wonderful days spent with him but I suspect my friend would give up all that she has to have just one more today with her beloved.

So let's be grateful for, and make the most of, all the todays we do have with those we love. Let's make today count - even when the photos are goofy.


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