Days 94: Blessings

My heart is overflowing with thankfulness today.

Yesterday, Son#4 went to Wellington to attend a workshop on worship. He didn't say a lot about it when he returned and we assumed he was tired (after all it was an early start and they didn't get back until late-ish) and perhaps overwhelmed (he's only just begun to be involved in music ministry at church).

Today as we were driving out of town (to spend time with The Five Most Adorable Granddaughters - as well as other family members) something was mentioned about how parents always worry, even about their adult children.

Son#4 said, "I better not tell you what happened yesterday then."

Me (guessing - correctly, I should add - that it involved danger) replied, "I think you should so that I can thank God for looking after you."

He then went on to describe a "close call" on the roads which, in his words, had they not been able to slow down and move onto the shoulder in time "wouldn't have ended pretty".

As a mother, I am so thankful that God protected my son and the others in the car. Always, when they're travelling, I pray for their safety, but often I don't know the circumstances where God has protected my family.

Ironically, the driver of the car that Son#4 was travelling in was a man, who when he was late teens to early twenties, I would not allow my children to travel with because I considered him to take unnecessary risks. But yesterday he wasn't the one in the wrong.

So yes, I'm very grateful for God's protection.

I'm also grateful for the chance to spend time with all my beautiful and adorable granddaughters, two of my sons and two daughters-in-law.

I'm grateful, too, for a walk in lush green paddocks, even if we were frightened by a sheep (it broke through a fence when we were least expecting it - I'm not usually afraid of sheep) and came home with our boots covered in mud (we had lots of rain last night). I'm also so very grateful that DH offered to clean my boots for me.

Finally, I'm grateful that today is Sunday and we were able to worship with other Christians and for the reminder that the Word of God has the power to change lives.


winterwren said…

I am very happy about your son. Roads scare me, even in the American midwest where everyone drives everywhere--just the chance of loosing someone so suddenly.

Your sheep story made me laugh. I was once charged by a random cow. When I was quite young I worked in rural Ireland. Once while walking my landlord's dog, we ran into three cows and a calf by themselves in the road. The dog must have looked at the calf a little too eagerly (he had gotten loose and killed a sheep once; if it happened again, he would have to be put down.) One of the cows mooed loudly and charged us and I had to drag the dog over a stone fence to escape. Good times.

I still love your grateful posts and read every one.

Jules said…
Winterwren, I had to laugh at your story. The runaway sheep we saw broke the top railing of the fence to escape the scary humans. Funnily enough, the gate blew open a few seconds later so it obviously hadn't been securely latched. The sheep could have just used the gate rather than breaking through the fence. And the Bible compares us to sheep ... not exactly flattering.
Jules said…
And roads scare me, too. I'm a nervous driver and an even more nervous passenger. I deliberately didn't ask him who would be driving because I thought that if I knew, I'd worry more. I've learnt that with things like this, you just have to lean on God more and trust Him. It seems that as our children get older, the dangers they face multiply.

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