S is for ... Knitting

Knitting socks, shawls, scarves and shawlettes, that is.

Although I do seem to have gone off the boil when it comes to knitting socks. I finished two pairs - yes, two! - several weeks ago and one pair has yet to be worn. The other pair has been worn once.

Not that there's anything wrong with them. In fact, I'm quite pleased with them. Judge for yourself whether I should be or not ...

It has puzzled me that socks that are so pretty have been hidden away in the drawer especially when I love wearing hand knitted socks and think that commercial ones just don't compare.

After some time mulling over the problem, I think I've discovered the answer and here it is:

(There are at least another three pairs showing the same signs of disrespect for all my hard work!)

I love knitting socks. But they cost time and effort and money. Sock yarns can get quite pricey and then there's all the time choosing a pattern and executing it. All aspects that I enjoy. But it's a little depressing when a little further down the track, those same socks develop holes. Yes, you can darn, but apparently my darning skills leave a lot to be desired (according to DH and also judging by Son#3's reluctance to bring his socks home for me to darn), and, honestly, darning is not fun. I could follow the example of some who rather than darn, just drop the sock into the bin and then start a fresh pair, but my grandparents lived through the depression and taught me well the truth of the adage "waste not, want not". I still suffer pangs of regret for tossing DH's socks that had grown holes even though they were ugly and beyond repair.

I did a little research on how to minimise holes in socks and came up with a two plan strategy: one, always use a sock yarn with some nylon in it and, two, go down a size in needles. I'm doing both but am quickly discovering that using smaller needles (size 2.25mm since I knit very tightly) takes all the fun out of it.

But it is not time for despair yet. I'm going to try going a needle size between these teeny tiny ones and the ones I was using before (for some reason 2.5mm are hard to find but I have sourced some) and, if that fails, there are always shawls and scarves to be made with all the wonderful sock yarns that are available.

Here's a taste of the one I've just finished:

The Most Adorable Granddaughter in the World#3 told me that it felt so "silky". With fifty percent silk in its mix, it should! But I'm glad at least one person approves.


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