If my family were in any doubt of my [in]sanity, I could have removed all doubts last night when I decided to cook dinner, make quiche for finger food for a shared lunch at church, bake mud cake, and whip up homemade icecream all with two little helpers.

I was so busy trying to ensure that something didn't go into a bowl that shouldn't - although I suspect some grated carrot did end up in the mud cake - and preventing flour, eggs, cream, and whatever else from not ending up on the floor - that I had no idea if I was coming or going or even staying.

I commented to DH that I must be insane and he muttered agreement as he quickly fled the scene. I was even willing to admit that perhaps I was a leetle crazy.

But sometimes we need a little craziness in our lives. ... And The Most Adorable Granddaughters#4 and #5 certainly enjoyed Uncle#3's craziness when they got to Skype him before bed time. Shy at first, he soon had them laughing at his antics that were made to look as if he was hanging from the ceiling. His craziness was the match that ignited theirs and soon they were competing to see who could be the craziest.

I'm not sure who won ... unless it's DH who barely slept last night due to two little girls waking at 2, at 4, and at 6. Uncle#4 slept through it all!

Suffice to say, the homemade icecream definitely made all the craziness worthwhile.


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