Summits, Mountains, and Hot Pools

Usually I avoid walks that include words like 'summit', 'mountain', 'trig', '360 degree views' in their description. And with good reason. Such walks are not so much walks but climbs.

However, this time I decided to throw caution to the wind (after all, it was only 90 minutes of climbing according to the information board - surely I could manage that?) and I'm glad I did - if for no other reason than the views were spectacular.

And the company was pretty good too.

And who can be mad at a walk that culminated in a long hot soak in natural hot pools beneath a leafy canopy? (And for Son#2 who says they look dirty: it's the suphur!)

Certainly not me - even if we did smell strongly of sulphur afterwards and were dehydrated and sunburnt (not me - just the rest of the party). Oh, and that climb that took 90 minutes, took less than 30 to descend.


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