Solid Perfume

Okay, I go a little bit crazy when it comes to cosmetics and personal care products - probably because I was one of those unfortunate children who reacted to everything ... and I didn't have to be the one wearing it. My sister embarrassed me big time when she informed a boyfriend of mine that I was allergic to something he was wearing. I suffered from severe eczema as a child to the point that every summer my arms bled, and sadly, I've passed this on to future generations. As a teen, a well-known hypo-allergenic brand of cosmetics had me scratching for hours.

So, yeah, I tend to go a bit over the top when using/choosing/purchasing any kind of product designed to come into contact with my skin even though I've grown out of some of my earlier reactions (or have controlled them by avoiding most products).

A few years ago I discovered solid perfumes and immediately fell in love. Finally I could tolerate the perfume AND the scent. But these could tend towards being pricey and there often wasn't a lot of choice of scents. (I did adore them though.)

A few weeks ago I found a recipe for solid perfume and couldn't wait to try it for myself. Today I finally got the opportunity and I'm just waiting for them to set so I can test them on myself. It really is a lesson in faith to mix together essential oils that don't smell oh so great at first only to discover that when set they are fabulous!

Given that these pots came with solid perfume at $25 apiece and I didn't even pay that for all the ingredients and it doesn't even look as if I've touched the beeswax, this was a very economical exercise.

Oh, and my house smells divine.

Just think: you could make your own signature scent or have a different perfume for every day of the week or make unique and personally blended perfumes as Christmas gifts. By the way, one recipe (1 tablespoon beeswax and 1 tablespoon almond oil) filled these three containers to the brim (no wonder I said it was economical).

(Note: please do not make the mistake of assuming that because essential oils are 'natural' that they are safe. Care needs to be taken and some are not suitable for expectant mothers, those who spend time around babies, or certain medical conditions. Having said that, there are some generally considered safe such as Lavender, Sweet Orange, Patchouli, Australian Sandalwood, Vetiver, and Neroli. But, do your research and exercise common sense. This site lists cautions under each essential oil.)


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