Picture This

The rechargeable batteries in my camera have finally died after years of threatening to do so and so I have no photos (unless I can somehow get Son#1's) but I'll try and paint a picture for you ...

Two little girls: one eight years old this month, the other five and a half; one tall and skinny, the other short for her age; one shy in public, the other brimming over with confidence; one dressed in purple, the other in pink. Both gorgeous and both about to play the piano for their first student concert.

The elder one was up first. Not just first before her sister but first in the programme. When we saw that, our hearts dropped. We already had our doubts that she would go through with it, and then to be first ... But she walked up on stage, sat down and played the piano, and if there were any mistakes, she recovered quickly. I suspect, like me, she was relieved when it was all over and could sit back and enjoy the rest of the concert.

Her sister was up next. Confidently she walked up the steps and across the stage (no one would ever have guessed that she had fallen asleep in the car on the way). With some difficulty she clambered up onto the piano stool (she really needed a little step stool to help those little legs of hers make the distance) and then played her piece like she'd been doing it all her life. Eyes shining, she threw her little head back and enjoyed  performing - so much so that she got up on stage during the interval and played her pieces again! If only I could have some of that confidence when my turn comes next week!

The Most Adorable Granddaughters#1 and #2, we're so proud of you!


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