Traditional Puddings

I find it hard to give up some of the traditions that DH and I began as a newly wedded couple. And one of those traditions was making Christmas puddings. Year after year, we have performed this task which has become more enjoyable (and complex) as the family has grown.

With busy lives, and family with busy lives, and not all local, I've wondered in recent years if making the Christmas pudding was going to be one tradition we were going to have to drop. With everything happening this year (this week!), I began to think this might be THE YEAR it had to go.

I was saddened by the thought.

But - either because they love making Christmas puddings or love their mother (or love seeing the mess their kids can make in my kitchen/house) those that were local graciously allowed me to experience at least one more year of making Christmas puddings.

And when I look at the photos, I really, really, really hope there will be many more years left when we engage in this tradition together (and there will always be those that traditionally get more involved than others, or traditionally eat the mix, or traditionally have a sleep!)

Don't you just love teamwork and seeing all the generations together?


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