Long Time in the Making

When I first cast on for a baby jacket I wanted to knit, DH looked at the colour and, horrified, asked, "You're not knitting that for my granddaughter are you?"

Admittedly the colour was an unusual choice for a beautiful brand new baby but I knew something he didn't and I told him to wait. When I introduced the new colour after the bands, his protests stopped.
That was weeks ago (Son#5, how long has it been since we took you back to Uni? I remember I started it in the car on the way over) and I have only completed the jacket this past week. For such a wee item of clothing it has been a long time in the making.

There is nothing wrong with the pattern, but I think the bottom up construction slowed it down when one considers that fronts, back and sleeves all had to be knitted to underarm before being joined together to complete what is essentially a squared-off yoke. While I love the design and especially the way the variegated colour looks like stained glass next to the solid garter ribs, I think if I ever make it again I'll modify it and do top-down.

I just hope it now fits The Most Adorable Granddaughter#6.

Six weeks ago (probably about the time I started the baby jacket) DH and I ordered new sofas for our living room. This has also been a long time coming. Not the six weeks (the time has flown even though the new sofas haven't turned up yet) but making the decision to throw out our old ones that are falling apart and then deciding on something we both liked and then actually going out and buying it. I think the set we decided on we saw a year ago which just goes to show how hopeless we are when it comes to making decisions.

Anyway, today as I was experimenting with some leftover balls of yarn and wondering what I could make with them, DH commented that my lap quilts won't go with our new sofas and that another Sediment Blanket like the first I made would be ideal.

Ah! I can do that. What's more, our new sofas are black but our curtains are blue (surprise, surprise!) and I have enough blue yarn scraps to make the resulting article look, well, blue. I've cast on already but am making a few modifications from the first. That one used three strands of 8 ply held together and knit on size 9.0 mm needles. This one uses two strands of 8 ply and one of 4 ply and is knit on 8.0 mm needles (I have more sock yarn leftover this time that I want to incorporate). The first one I made four squares that increased to 100 stitches and then sewed them together, whereas this one I'm planning on making nine squares that will probably increase to about 75 stitches (more manageable on straight needles) and then join them together. I'm also thinking that as I finish one square I will sew in all the ends before beginning another. But we'll see. I have good intentions but ...

Photo coming tomorrow ... or the next day ... or whenever I can get my devices to work!

Finally ...