I've reopened my writing blog, A Reason To Write. I will admit this is madness. I closed it because I didn't have the time to keep up one blog, let alone two (and to think I used to have three!!!) but my publisher has set up an author page for me on Amazon and suggested I might like to link to my blog.

Um, this blog? Where I talk about ginger beer and Most Adorable Granddaughters and knitting the heel just right in socks and all kinds of other uninspiring topics. After some discussion with some lovely and trusted ladies (online and in real life) I decided there was merit in reopening my writing blog.

Call it boundaries, call it professionalism, call it what you want: I am now the proud and slightly stupefied owner of two blogs.

It doesn't matter if some posts double up because I expect the readership to be different. And I would suggest that few - if any - would follow both blogs. And somehow I will find the time for both.

Meanwhile, if you clicked on my author page did you notice that there are now four books listed as eBooks? Keep watching for a special giveaway this coming weekend.


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