They're calling it the worst flood in our town's recorded history. And in some way, everyone has been affected.

Son#1 and his family are cut off from even their next door neighbour. The Most Adorable Granddaughter in  the World#2's birthday party had to be cancelled because there were four slips (landslides) on their access road, which is only 800m long. That was yesterday. Today they were able to walk those 800m down to the sealed road and discovered that the water had been up over the bridge at one stage because the rails were all twisted. They ain't going anywhere just yet.

Yesterday Son#4 and I went shopping for birthday presents (before we knew the party was cancelled). I hate parking beneath buildings due to the possibility of earthquakes (in my hometown several people in an underground car park died when an earthquake hit) but I did anyway. Sometimes convenience - i.e. not getting wet - triumphs over fear. It was wet down there from all the wet vehicles coming and going but nothing concerning. Today the ramp we used to get from the car park to the shops is flooded. And not just the ramp but the entire car park - both beneath the stores and beside it. Last night the river, which is behind buildings on the other side of the road, broke its banks and this was the result.

DH went around yesterday to unblock Son#2's pump only to discover it was working to capacity. The problem was the sheer volume of water - a problem we discovered today was made worse by water from the next door neighbour's property. Um, do they have a pool by any chance?

Son#5 has finished his semester at Uni but he's unable to get home. Roads are blocked, bridges under water, and no suitable detours available. In fact, every main road our of town (read every highway) is closed. And everyone who lives on the other side of the river is cut off from this side. Since 'town' is on our side, we don't consider ourselves cut off. Yet.

There was no preacher in church this morning, not all the musicians were there, and only a few more people in the congregation than on an Easter Sunday (our traditional low attendance day due to people going away). I think everyone on 'this side' made an effort to be there because they knew so many wouldn't be. And everyone had flood stories to share.

I had to go into work today and clean because our cleaner lives on 'the other side' and cannot get over 'this side'. So far, I've managed to find a full quota of staff to begin the week, but for how long, I'm not sure. Some schools have already announced that they will be closed and I imagine others will follow suit.

At least it has stopped raining.

Looks peaceful, doesn't it? But there is a walkway and reserve beneath the water closest to the train tracks.

(I wish I could share some of the cool photos I've seen but they're not my property to share, and I won't share links because I'm a bit funny about privacy. Sorry!)


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