It's not finished yet - almost - but not quite. I was up at six yesterday morning (yes, there is such a time, Sons#4 and #5) sewing the last of the three blocks together. I've woven in the ends where the blocks were seamed together, but not all the other ends. Yet.

And it will probably be a fortnight or more before I get back to those pesky ends.

I think it needs another row of blocks but that will have to wait because:

One, I have no yarn left. Well, I have heaps of blue and green yarn from the garments I unravelled but not enough other colours.

Two, Son#5 returns to Uni next weekend and he needs more socks. I'm quickly whipping up a pair or two in 10ply/Aran yarn. Apparently university students cannot afford heating so he needs all the help he can get in the insulation department. And hand knitted socks fit the bill nicely.

Three, I desperately want to finish a cowl before we go away next weekend. Not that it's likely to be cold enough to really need said cowl where we're going, but I can always hang it around my neck as a fashion accessory.

And four, we're going to Australia next weekend! For one week. Eight days actually. It's been almost twenty years since DH was back (unless you count a stopover in Brisbane airport last January when we didn't even leave the airport en route home from South East Asia) and there are so many places we want to see and people to catch up with that our time there will literally fly. (Um, I'm going to be actually flying. Has this registered yet?)

So the blanket will have to wait. And maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to raid my mother's scrap yarn basket while we're in Australia. Which would give me more colours (unless she only has blues and greens). And, truly, it's not as wonky as it looks: I was just too lazy to lay it out flat before I took the photo.



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