Plainly In Love

I am so in love with this sock pattern I found on Ravelry (apart from the name. I think I might rename it Ridge 'n' Didge: what do you think?). It's been on my to-knit list for at least a year, but it was worth the wait.

I don't usually like simple patterns for socks. They bore me. The Vanilla Latte socks for DH, while a perfectly respectable pattern, took me forever to knit. DH remarked at the time that they were probably my longest sock project ever (apart from the Cascading leaves socks on my needles from last year but I did take a deliberate break from them to concentrate on other things - like life). I like the idea of something that can be knit without constantly referring to a pattern in theory, but in practice I want something that grabs my attention.

This pattern does that. Not too much rib that I die of boredom, but enough to keep me knitting 'just until I reach the next section'. And then the ridge pattern changes every few rounds/rows (5 in the pattern, but I used a heavier wool and so only did 4 rounds/rows).

And it works with so many yarns if the photos can be believed. Plain, variegated, solid, changing hues, probably even self-striping. They look a little weird - okay, majorly weird - when not on the foot, but pull them on and they transform into a thing of beauty. And apparently of comfort too.

Oh, yes I love this pattern.
And I would knit them in the dark,
And I would knit them in the park,
And in the rain and in a train.
And I would knit them while I chat,
And I would knit them with a cat.
They are so good, so good you see,
Thank you, thank you,

(And especially Donyale Grant. And apologies to Dr Seuss.)


Sharlene said…
I don't know anything about knitting socks, and I don't wear them much since I live in the tropics; but your parody of Dr. Seuss is good. :)

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