I feel as if I've been AWOL these past two or so weeks. (Um, did anyone even notice?) It's just been life. I've had plans for posts but they didn't eventuate.

My back has continued to bring me grief and I apparently have had a slipped disc. Physio and exercises and gentle walks have helped and I've felt frustrated at what I couldn't do ... but I'm getting there.

DH has had pneumonia (can I say, 'I told you so' since I'd diagnosed him - correctly I might add - several days before he finally took himself off to the doctor?) but is on the mend now. He still hasn't taken Nehli for a run and it might be a few days before he does. I think only now is he realising how sick he was.

Tomorrow I have a First Aid course and this weekend we celebrate three family birthdays ... so please forgive me if I continue to be absent for a wee while longer.


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