Those Days

It was one of those days: cold, raining, hail, DH coughing and spluttering with the 'flu, my back playing up big time, the Youth Group tramp cancelled ... what was a person to do?

Easy. Spend time with some of The Most Adorable Granddaughters (and now I finally feel that I've had a decent cuddle from The Most Adorable Granddaughter#6 who didn't cry when she saw me and actually snuggled into my arms - oh what bliss!), make my favourite gluten-free bread in the bread maker, make ginger beer (it's been a while), melt coconut oil, and knit.

Wait! Melt coconut oil? Yep. I love using coconut oil in cooking and in hot drinks and in summer it requires some muscles to get the stuff out of the jar but in winter, in my cold house, it's near impossible. So I melt a whole jar by standing it in hot water, and then pour about a tablespoon each into mini muffin tins. I don't know if this affects the quality of the oil (I hope not!) but it makes it so much easier to use (just throw one of those pretty discs into the roasting pan or the bread maker or hot tea) and saves me a lot of effort. Plus they look pretty enough to eat just sitting there in the jar!

Okay, call me crazy.

I am. That's nothing new. And I can prove it.

Tomorrow is my Dad's birthday. Tomorrow. So I've been busy trying to finish off a pair of socks for him since when we were over I noticed his had developed holes. I'm almost there but his birthday is tomorrow (have I already mentioned that?) and it takes a week at least for any mail to get from here to there.

However, there is one thing in my favour. My parents are visiting my sister up in Queensland where their overnight low is probably higher than our daytime high and socks are not needed. Hopefully by the time they arrive home my parcel will be ready and waiting.

Well that's the plan.

Finished and ready to post. I love diagonal rib!


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