Pleasantness and Not So Much So


I ran outside in the rain to capture these photos in case I don't get to it again before the daffodils end up all dead and droopy. It's a happy sign that Spring is on her way, yet so far I've had no time to appreciate her beauty or to soak up such pleasant sights.

(Thanks must go to Nehli for the drift of daffodils beneath the walnut tree. Had she not dug up all the bulbs last summer, making it necessary for me to replant them all - and add more - the daffodils would still only be on one side of the walnut tree.)

Not so pleasant is the suspected family of mice who have crawled into the back of our freezer and decided to exit this world together. Well, that's what we think has happened. Over the years we have usually managed to control the rodent population that is peculiar to our area by strategically placed baits and traps. But every now and them they get crafty and one - or more - decide to end their lives in a fashion that leaves us in no doubt as to what has occurred.

At present I am burning candles and lavender oil in our back entrance, placing opened containers of baking soda in the freezer cupboard, opening the windows whenever I am home, and reminding everyone to keep the door closed! in an attempt to try and make the place a little more pleasant.

It won't be for long but past experience has taught us that the smell may get worse before it gets better! Something to look forward to. Not!


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