Three Times

DH jokes that for every pair of socks I complete, I knit two pairs. While I suspect it's only three socks for every pair and not four, I can certainly see where he would get his numbers from.

The slip stitch pattern is lovely but by this point there was a marked difference between sole length and instep length.
I didn't like the way the slip stitch pattern pulled the instep up and made it so much shorter than the sole. I tried a few ways to minimise this shrinkage but was not happy with the result so out it all came. Yes, all.

Love, love, love those gussets!

Yes, I know it fits my foot but why did I keep on knitting before I tested it on a male foot?

After experimenting with several patterns to get the gusset and heel flap I wanted, I failed to check the fit until I had done several more rows. Too short. Apparently the height of the heel flap determines fit and the height is determined by gusset stitches. Mine was too short, so I hadn't increased enough. So out it came. (Now I finally understand why gusset increases on a toe-up sock often double the number of sole stitches - it's really not excessive at all and every single one is needed.)

Too scared to cut the yarn in case I have to unravel again.

Alas, no foot models this time.
 Finally a finished sock (yep, just one) and I decided to be brave and to see if it fitted a male foot. It did. BUT apparently the colours are  'funky', 'seventies', and, the worst adjective that a male can pronounce on something designed to be worn by a male, 'feminine' (Um, when did anyone ever see me wear these colours?).

So this sock is not only missing a mate but also a recipient. I was feeling quite smug for now embarking on my goal of knitting each of the males in my family 'proper socks' over the next year (a very modest goal and far from the forty socks a year set by Kiwiyarns blogger) but it appears that this benevolence on my part was misguided. They are apparently happy with their heavier weight socks (8ply or more) that won't go into shoes and do not want any 'proper' socks.

So any takers? Or do I unravel this sock yet again?


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