Eager to start knitting up one of the recent yarns I hand dyed, I cast on for another pair of socks (not exactly unexpected - for me - but I did wait until I finished the pair for Son#4's birthday). What was unexpected was the way the yarn knitted up. I had subtle stripes that I really, really liked.

However, I didn't like the pattern with that particular yarn. So after completing the heel, I ripped back the entire sock and started again.

Nothing unexpected about that. DH has said before that I knit two socks for every one that I finish.

Besides, I reassured myself, a plainer pattern would be good for knitting in the car. (Actually, it doesn't seem to make too much difference as I can't knit 'blind' anyway.)

So again I have three different socks on the go. All are past the heel flap - just. All are the first sock in a pair. Nothing unexpected in that (although it would be nice if at least one was the second in the pair).

And I have more plans for more socks.

That's not unexpected either.

And yesterday I dyed more yarn. Because it's so much fun.

Still not unexpected.

But the way it turned out was.

I'm loving it (which is really unexpected for someone who never got onto the tie-dye wagon and usually avoids bright colours like the plague).

I wonder if I can justify dying more? Just to see the unexpected results, of course.


Sharlene said…
The colours did turn out nice. I can imagine how fun it was to see how the colours came out. The socks should turn out very lovely.
Fox said…
I don't knit the normal way, but have been learning on the looms. I enjoy it very much, so yarns are a new love for me. Your dyed yarns are just gorgeous!! You did a wonderful job and they will make such beautiful projects!! I will have to send you some of my beginners projects. :)Just don't laugh when I do. :)

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