Take One

Take one bench seat that has been hiding away because it is no longer needed as seating and decide that it would make an ideal place to sit when one is putting shoes on or off, to fold and stack laundry, to dump the peg bucket ...

Find some old paint tins that are lying around and give the seat a coat of Resene Sea Nymph followed by Resene Pearl Lusta after having first used an old candle on the areas where one does not want the paint to 'take' ...

When dry, sand back to reveal some of the 'old' colours ...

Is it just me, or are those colours slightly reminiscent of Christmas? Pistachio Bark or White Christmas Slice, perhaps?
(After posting these photos I decided the seat looked too clean and took to it with yellow, brown and grey crayons to age it. [Aren't we strange when we spend hours scrubbing and cleaning, only to value 'ingrained dirt' on something old?] I think it looks much better now but I doubt the photos will show much difference. Still I'll try ...)

(And Thank You to DIL#1 who very diplomatically asked if I planned the red and green bits showing through [even DH wouldn't accuse me of such poor painting skills] and to Son#5 who, on seeing it on his return home, commented, "It looks old but in a good way.") 


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